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What is a Power of Attorney, and do I need one?

When you appoint an individual as your power of attorney, they become your “attorney-in-fact”. You are authorizing that person(s) to act in your place, or stead, for all purposes that you outline in the document, typically certain legal and business matters. In Maryland, a power of attorney is a very formalized document. Our attorneys can prepare this very useful, and sometimes necessary, document, but perhaps more importantly, we will also explain the pros and cons of this document, including the risks of abuse.

I have two minor children. Do I need a Will?

In the event of your untimely death, who will be raising your children? Who will be fiscally responsible for ensuring that your children’s tuition is paid, and that your children are properly clothed and fed? This person(s) should be chosen by YOU. Our attorneys will draft your Last Will & Testament, to provide not only the distribution of your real and personal property, but more importantly, to name the person(s) who you specifically desire to be your children’s guardian and/or trustee of the minor child’s property.

My mother has recently passed away. Do I need to hire an attorney to probate her Will?

There is no requirement that you hire an attorney to probate a Decedent’s Will. However, our attorneys have years of experience in properly and timely probating Wills. We have helped thousands of clients avoid the pitfalls and missteps of “going it alone”. The attorney’s fees associated with the probate process are paid out of the Estate itself, so there is only a minimal amount of out-of-pocket expense incurred during this process.

Do I need an Advanced Medical Directive?

There is no requirement that an adult prepare an Advanced Medical Directive (also known as a “Living Will” and other similar names). An Advanced Medical Directive, however, is a written document, a set of “instructions”, whereby YOU make
known YOUR desires as to what actions should be taken on your behalf in the event you are no longer able to make decisions about your future health care. This document also identifies the person(s) you wish to make those serious decisions on your behalf, and under what circumstances certain actions can be taken. It is impossible to know, in
advance, whether you will become incapacitated, or seriously ill. Should this happen, a Haley-Pierson Law prepared Advanced Medical Directive will be in place for you. That is peace of mind.

My mother is beginning to lose her memory. What can I do?

While your mother is still competent, we will prepare a combination of documents for her which will permit your mother to have control over the remaining aspects of her life. A Last Will & Testament, an Advanced Medical Directive and a Power of Attorney, properly drafted, will provide your mom with a legal means to control who she wants to be in charge of her affairs, her property, and her real estate, both before and after her death. These documents will provide your mother with peace of mind.

In the event that your mother is, regrettably, no longer competent, our attorneys will help you file a petition for an adult guardianship.

Is it expensive to draft a Will, a Power of Attorney, and an Advance Medical Directive?

When our attorneys draft all three of these documents as a package, it is significantly less expensive then if they were done separately.

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