Maryland Alimony Factors

The court will consider the following factors in determining whether to make an award of alimony:

  • The ability of the party seeking alimony to be wholly or partly self-supporting
  • The time necessary for the party seeking alimony to gain sufficient education or training to enable that party to find suitable employment
  • The standard of living that the parties established during their marriage
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The contributions monetary and nonmonetary, of each party to the well-being of the family
  • The circumstances that contributed to the estrangement of the parties
  • The age of each party
  • The physical and mental condition of each party
  • The ability of the party from whom alimony is sought to meet that party’s needs while meeting the needs of the party seeking alimony
  • Any agreement between the parties
  • The financial needs and financial resources of each party
  • Whether the award would cause a spouse who is a resident of a related institution as defined in section 19-301 of the Health-General Article and from whom alimony is sought to become eligible for medical assistance earlier than would otherwise occur


In Maryland, alimony can be periodic (meaning that it will end after a period of time) or continue indefinitely. The court may order indefinite alimony if it finds that:

  • Due to age, illness, infirmity or disability, the party seeking alimony cannot reasonably be expected to make substantial progress toward becoming self-supporting.
  • Even after the party seeking alimony will have made as much progress toward becoming self-supporting as can reasonably be expected, the respective standards of living of the parties will be unconscionably disparate.
  • In determining the amount of alimony, courts may use the guidelines of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and this can result in a higher alimony award.

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